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Business-friendly processing methods and services

Which solution applies to a company? What functionalities and what form highlights its value? Idea Campionari develops products that focus each sample, display and folder on practicality, combined with consistent design choices according to the customer's corporate image.

Design and consulting

Right from listening to the customer's needs to the final delivery. Idea Campionari's work involves specific skills, among a passion for research and dedication to highlight each project's valuable features.

Cutting and processing textiles, leather and soft materials

Fabrics, leather, synthetic leather, drapes: thanks to the adaptability of staff and machinery, Idea Campionari can cut any soft material.

Cutting and processing of rigid materials

Wood, lacquer, laminate, metal, glass, plastics. A rigid material managed and processed with handiness, both in thickness and size, from your warehouse to our working spaces.

Paper processing and graphic design

An attractive design, with an innovative and recognizable graphic. Paper processing provides an interesting support both in terms of material and versatility.

Silk-screen printing and Custom codification

No more random materials. Samples can be processed and identified using the most efficient screen printing techniques, adjusted to each type of surface.

Custom packaging design

Each company has its own aesthetic. The sample packaging is also customizable, following a design line coherent with the client's brand image.

Other services

Sample gathering and

The finishing touch, creating a truly carefree sample book: before delivery, the staff organise and place the swatches in the displays or sample boxes, as preferred by the customer.

Optional Lacquer coating

Whether a material is in stock or brand new, lacquering brings out its full potential like no other process. Choose to make your samples shine.

Alternative Samplers

Thinking out of the box - quite literally. Creative solutions for sample collections are endless, just as many as we can imagine. Find your own alternative materials with Idea Campionari.

Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari

Idea Campionari combines values, continuous research and the desire to put ourselves to the test.

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