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Design and usability
in each product

Which solution applies to a company? What functionalities and what form highlights its value? Idea Campionari develops products that focus each sample, display and folder on practicality, combined with consistent design choices according to the customer's corporate image.

Complete and customized sample sets

The entire range of elements supporting business promotion is summarized in a complete sample collection, including different colours and materials, displays, folders and swatches.

Rigid Materials sample books

From wood essences to melamine laminate, glass and lacquer. The interlocking of materials and tactile perception has the shape of a sample book.

Textile and Soft Materials sample books

Strips, scarves, swatches. Collect fabric, textile, synthetic leather and other soft materials swatches in a unique and efficient product.

Folders for sample presentation

How to collect the samples in a compact and professional way, keeping the aesthetic sense? Folder format samples are the answer.

Colours Samplers and Swatches

A well-matched colour swatch is the key to a good presentation, whatever the background material.


A space for ideas highlighting production potential. Selected samples to show in a modular way, creating an exhibition laboratory made of materials and colours.

Sample Display Racks and Cases

A ready-to-show sample book or a portable version: which presentation style do you choose? Practicality and design, with displays and sample cases by Idea Campionari.

Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari

Idea Campionari combines values, continuous research and the desire to put ourselves to the test.

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