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From Idea to Sampler, communicating Corporate Identity

Idea Campionari originates from the desire for consistency in all the elements through which a company promotes its image. In more than ten years of activity, we have become a benchmark in the creation of samples, displays, box binders solutions, together with a wide range of certified services dedicated to customer tailored requests. From the first agreement to the final delivery, whatever the goal, our work approach collects the order from the beginning to the end, relieving the client company of its concerns and thoughts. Idea Campionari is therefore the exclusive partner for developing a complete range of samples.


A sampler's composition begins way before the actual outcome. Strategical design provides shape and colour to each request, while experimenting customised solutions.


Material consistency requires touch and feel. The senses must be refined at all degrees, so as to approach every type of surface and obtain the right sample.


Idea Campionari's skills are measured through professionalism, the ability to live up to a job in a practical, precise and humane way.

Local entrepreneurship

Running a business and territorial cooperation: two essential elements of our daily life. A transparent supply chain that inhabits the italian market, to propel itself worldwide.

Innovation and Research

Never stop improving. The native energy of Idea Campionari lies in studying new solutions, willing to take on new challenges. A commitment for present and future generations.

Design creativity

Imagination will save the world. Imagination makes us able to create and design, thanks to a lateral thought inspired by constantly evolving colours and lines.

Samples and beyond

Showcases, paper goods, samples, full sets for the final customer. Whatever product you would like, Idea Campionari can shape it.

Bespoke processing services

Different steps, a whole world of processing. We provide the most suitable equipment for each product and design choice, ready to develop the preferred solution.

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Give your samples an extra gear. Together, we can highlight the unique value of your product range, making thoughts lighter with a consistent visual presentation.