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Idea Campionari

The combination of inventiveness and expertise puts Idea Campionari's know-how on paper. Design and minimalism complete our company image, according to the characteristics that distinguish us as both entrepreneurs and people inspired by the territory.


A sampler's composition begins way before the actual outcome. Strategical design provides shape and colour to each request, while experimenting customised solutions.


Material consistency requires touch and feel. The senses must be refined at all degrees, so as to approach every type of surface and obtain the right sample.


Idea Campionari's skills are measured through professionalism, the ability to live up to a job in a practical and humane way.

Customized Products

A visual collection is worth more than a thousand presentations: this is the aim behind sample and project design. We create distinctive concepts that mirror the company they represent.

From raw materials
to showcases

A project represents the foundation of each processing carried out by Idea Campionari. Core services that allow, piece by piece, to meet the customer's goals include precise, personalized steps from start to finish.

Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari Idea Campionari

Idea Campionari combines values, continuous research and the desire to put ourselves to the test.

About us

Idea Campionari Journal

Visual Stories, Projects and News, Made in Idea Campionari

  • "Our sample book is very important from a communication and marketing perspective because it's one of the first business cards we present to our clients."   “Made in Italy”.This commonly used expression encapsulates the synthesis and originality of the thinking behind Arbi,

  • We are excited to announce the success of the School Project, an initiative aimed at promoting school-to-work inclusion and giving young people an opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the working world. The core of this School Project initiative is carried

  • Concreta delves into Tuscan craftsmanship for innovative and sustainable kitchens, personalized projects, and living experiments. Today, it stands among the leading manufacturing entities in Italy, expressing the many facets of a kitchen through tactile touches and various essences. Together with

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Give your samples an extra gear. Together, we can highlight the unique value of your product range, making thoughts lighter with a consistent visual presentation.