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Arbi Bathroom | Our Idea

Arbi Bathroom | Our Idea

“Our sample book is very important from a communication and marketing perspective because it’s one of the first business cards we present to our clients.”


“Made in Italy”.
This commonly used expression encapsulates the synthesis and originality of the thinking behind Arbi, a leading company established in 1987 in Brugnera, which has become a national reference in the bathroom furniture sector. “Made in Italy” because it encompasses all stages of production, from the selection of materials to their processing and transformation, from the design of furniture and functional elements (shower boxes, bathtubs, sinks, spotlights, mirrors, laundry, and heated towel rails) to their manufacturing, from commercial organization to marketing. It is not just a mere suggestion but each of these areas is imbued with Italian craftsmanship and creativity, beauty and versatility, innovation, and technique.



In 2017, it expanded and renovated its production site with a new 21,000 sqm plant to further refine production autonomy and control of highly mechanized and automated workflows. In 2020, it also inaugurated ArbiLab, defining another aspect of excellence that the company has always valued: training. It is a space designed to enhance the technical skills and knowledge of each stakeholder, bringing out the brand’s distinctive values and characteristics.


“Our sample book not only has to be aesthetically pleasing but also functional for the salespeople; they often give us advice on how to design them to make them more practical to use. Besides the catalog boxes, ours includes a series of cases that hold the finishes and colors for the bathroom furniture and countertops.”


Arbi also collaborates with numerous architects and interior designers worldwide to develop both residential and contract projects, aiming to furnish bathroom spaces in an exclusive way. In this regard, the opening of a showroom in Milan and Moscow proved to be strategic, giving the brand visibility and awareness, reaching new targets and new markets.


“For a company that didn’t even put its logo on its furniture,” comments Sara Spadotto from Arbi’s Communication Department with a touch of irony, “being present in the heart of fashion and design since 2016 has certainly been a step forward.”

A prestigious milestone not only for the company but also for the group it belongs to, the Atma Group, one of the largest in Italy in the furniture sector, which, in addition to bathroom furniture, also produces kitchens and bedrooms.