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Concreta | The essence of Made in Italy.

Concreta | The essence of Made in Italy.

Concreta delves into Tuscan craftsmanship for innovative and sustainable kitchens, personalized projects, and living experiments. Today, it stands among the leading manufacturing entities in Italy, expressing the many facets of a kitchen through tactile touches and various essences. Together with Idea Campionari, an in-house sample collection is born, capable of best conveying the company’s philosophy.

A project that has sought to encapsulate the client’s corporate values, being able to tangibly support aspects such as environmental care, innovation, and Italian craftsmanship. Thus, a sample collection with minimalist design is born, capable of expressing the essence of the project. Idea Campionari and Concreta Kitchens come together to create a narrative of shapes, functionality, and design.


A box ready to embrace infinite possibilities and customizations, enhanced by the elegance of a natural fabric to convey the materiality of the elements inside and anticipate a unique experience for the customer. Its design and realization involved the composition of swatches, either single cards or multiple panels, capable of showcasing the variety of materials and finishes available in a functional solution with meticulously crafted design details.


An experience of materiality and design translated into the dimension of a sample collection, for a corporate identity that engages with the audience. Screen printing, stained and finished wood, spacious and personalized boxes ready to accommodate all the variations offered by CONCRETA in a single space: functional, high-quality, sustainable, and meticulously crafted in every detail.