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Derve Decor Store | Sustainable Materials

Derve Decor Store | Sustainable Materials

A partnership creating a dialogue between design and architecture, seeking out the best materials with the lowest environmental impact.

Derve Decor Store  is a family-owned business that, since the 1980s, has been committed to satisfying customer needs through qualitative and technical research.

The company represents a landmark for the supply of semi-finished products and has a privileged link with the territory in which it is located, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The joint commitment of Derve and Idea Campionari is based on a strong identity and is reinforced by the professionalism of those working behind the scenes, aiming to promote products with an increasingly sustainable soul.

The desire to offer customer-friendly materials, with quality, research, innovation and greater sustainability over time.

This was the premise that gave birth to Derve in the early 1980s, later to become Derve Decor Store, a company that has drawn unique know-how from the distribution of panels and furnishing materials. 

The company has focused on its ability to research and select the best materials, distinguishing itself among the best in North-East Italy and beyond, and projecting itself internationally. Today, it offers design and furnishing solutions that are capable of establishing a dialogue with the architecture that welcomes them. After 30 years of activity and 5 progressive expansions, the story of Derve is told through an immersive showroom, which displays full-size semi-finished products and finishings.

What better opportunity could there be to develop an expressive sample collection capable of highlighting such matter?

Derve Decor Store Collection has become the company’s flagship range, combining the creative professionalism of Idea Campionari.
This collection reflects the company’s interest in taking on the growing environmental awareness in society and transforming materials accordingly.

The ideal sample set, therefore, had to reflect both the company’s expertise and its ethical goals of sustainability.

The project received its first start thanks to the consulting services of Idea Campionari, which, together with Derve’s internal staff, identified the strengths and goals of the new sample collection.

The focus on sustainability prompted a very specific approach, bringing out certified Havana paper for the packaging, a neutral and naturally eco-friendly colour.
Within the samples, which feature cases in different shapes, we can identify the main materials of Derve Decor Store: the samples feature the processing of laminates and melamine panels, which, thanks to the specialisation of our staff, are collected into manageable and pleasant looking pieces.
The predominance of neutral colours suggests the underlying quality of the materials, whose ecological soul can be an inspiration for any furnishing and architectural project.

A sustainable sample collection that communicates Derve Decor Store’s expertise and its commitment to the present and future territory.