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Kristalia | Our Idea

Kristalia | Our Idea
"Our idea of a sample book is based on the desire to bring the essential nature of our products into the materials we supply to our retailers."

Interior designs with an essential inspiration and a sustainable soul.

Kristalia designs furniture conceived to be experienced through time, inhabiting personal and collective spaces, always with a contemporary perspective.

The focus on quality originates right from how the company selects its working materials, an approach we find in the project developed with Idea Campionari.
But what is Kristalia’s idea for its sample collection?

Which idea of sample collections does Kristalia have? Narrated by Enrico Zanetti, Brand Manager

In order to answer this question, let’s dive into the Brand’s history, established in Pordenone province by a few young entrepreneurs in the mid-1990s, in the heart of the production district dedicated to furniture.

Since 1994, indeed, Kristalia has been crossing ideas, time, values and marked creativity, interpreting inspirations and ways of living through its production – from extendable tables, to chairs and upholstered furniture, up to outdoor and contract collections.

Kristalia’s know-how combines high industrial craftsmanship, 100% Italian, with technological innovation, maintaining an idea of highly specialised manual skill that lends itself to material and technical experimentation. 

As one of its defining values, Kristalia pays particular attention to Sustainability, something that is experienced on a daily basis as well thanks to its headquarters, designed to balance energy, architectural impact and human factors. All production is also internally tested and inspected by external certifying organisations.

"Whenever possible, we try our best to avoid material waste within the sample collection."

Circularity is also the rationale behind the project developed together with Idea Campionari.
In Kristalia’s sample collection, we can find an innate desire to do things well, both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of controlling waste and the production chain.

In particular, this translates into an essential and sustainable sample collection, which communicates the company’s approach towards its materials through a series of well-conceived swatches and folders.

The minimalist essence of the box is evident both in the shape we have created, – says Enrico Zanetti, Brand Manager of Kristalia, – and in the graphics themselves, which are very simple, very clean.

In fact, the case, dressed in elegant black, reveals a sample collection that is consistent with the brand’s production and values, thanks to samples in safe and resistant materials that include post-consumer recycled elements and certified finishes.
A prolific range of possibilities, synthesised in a unique essential sample book: this is the idea with which Kristalia presents itself, thanks to the professionalism of Idea Campionari.