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Euromobil | Generative layouts

Euromobil | Generative layouts

A design that can generate new spaces, with layouts and kitchen systems that dialogue with architecture.

Euromobil, the first brand of the Euromobil Group, was founded in 1972, with an immediate approach linked to technology and a style that is recognisable throughout the world. 

This historic company based in the Treviso area has always been a family-run business and thrives on elegant and innovative lines designed to create kitchen systems and storage furniture.

The involvement of its employees and owners in the future of the company’s design can also be seen through the collaboration between Euromobil and Idea Campionari, with a sample book that generates new and increasingly artistic design ideas.

A timeless atmosphere among the corners of a kitchen.

Euromobil was founded in 1972 in Falzè di Piave, near Treviso. This brand gave life to what would later become the Euromobil Group, a benchmark in the Italian and international furniture sector. 

The value of this company lies in its roots and in its passion for product quality, a generative research that makes use of cohesive collaborators deeply linked to the identity of the Brand, always ready to invest in the future.

The quality of design determines an always contemporary look, which evolves over time, in harmony with the historical path of Euromobil and with the know-how of those who live the company, while fully respecting people, the environment and the territory in which it is located.

The kitchen layouts reflect the company’s desire to seek out beauty and novelty. For this reason, they generate spaces, furnish contexts and reconfigure them, combining design requirements, rhythms of life and budget.

A sample collection that best represents Euromobil welcomes this entire journey, transforming it into something visually exclusive and refinedly authentic.

Euromobil‘s generative design finds its ideal declination in the project developed with Idea Campionari, gathering the essence of kitchen layouts in a single sample book.

The manufacturing processes involved in this project are multiple and range from pure paper technology to specialised cutting, a particularly important operation given the high quality of raw materials used.

The sample book comes in several cases, each dedicated to every element that makes up a kitchen, from fronts to tops. To tie in well with the identity of Euromobil and the variety of colours contained within, the cases have a completely black canvas covering. In addition, each case is screen-printed with white lettering, mounted with black steel screws and further reinforced with steel near the handle.

The internal sample box incorporates a magnetic door and is also designed to support the insertion of the typical heavy materials of the Tops. Among the various samples developed, we can highlight the series with lacquering on cardboard and 3mm ABS, customised and screen printed according to the company’s requirements. On the reverse side of the samples, we find black laminate overlays, while each swatch contains detailed explanations of materials and their uses, screen-printed on black PVC.

A stylish composition from top to bottom, a sample book ready to be transported and presented with all the elegance by Euromobil.