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Hessentia-Cappellini | Balanced elegance

Hessentia-Cappellini | Balanced elegance

An innate balance between graceful details and historic craftsmanship.

Hessentia, a brand of Cornelio Cappellini, emerges from a “family company” originating in Brianza, a land that is the hub of high-end furnishing.

The company has managed to navigate its way through the decades, maintaining the familiarity of its management and taking the ambitions of an authentic territory towards refined experimentation, reserving for itself an important niche thanks to original and contemporary interior design solutions.

Idea Campionari has crossed Hessentia’s path through the design of an all-round managed sample book, which communicates the elegance of the collection.

A furnishing that opens up and transforms the classic, while maintaining the refined instinct for an always up-to-date luxury.
The reality of Cornelio Cappellini, embodied in the Hessentia brand, has been flourishing since the 1950s in the heart of Brianza, the furniture district par excellence, just outside Milan. 

The company bears the name of the founder, who passed the baton to the next generations of the family, maintaining the identity of a true “family company” even with the expansion of the business in the 2000s. The continuity of intentions and the desire to give space to an international outlook ensure that the products increasingly respond to glamorous trends, modernising the classic forms with refined and exclusive materials, which transform the furnishings into unique design objects. 

From this evolution emerges the Hessentia collection, which makes its mark and expands its target market, spreading Cappellini’s undeniably elegant style around the world.

Noble metals, soft fabrics and leathers, together with crystals, cement and much more. 

Understanding the needs of such a wide range of materials was a creative challenge for Idea Campionari, which had to balance the company’s historical heritage with an ever-new surge of inspiration, ready to anticipate the most glamorous trends.

Hessentia-Cappellini’s sophisticated products were synthesised in an all-round sample project, managed by skilled professionals who were able to grasp the needs of complex manufacturing processes and materials.

Inside the box, finely finished in black with a white screen-printed logo, there is a range of samples as varied as the company’s material choices. Among the rigid samples, those with circular wooden mosaic compositions stand out, together with the more glittering ones in lacquered metal and chromatic treatment. Alongside, the textured fabric swatches gather a variety of weaves and examples, softly accompanying the artistic dominance of the Hessentia collections.

A luxurious ensemble for this company’s Sample Book, balancing the desire for continuous research and challenging craftsmanship with the timeless “genius loci” of Brianza design.