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Novamobili | Daily Dynamism

Novamobili | Daily Dynamism

The details and dynamism of everyday life, looking towards the future.
Novamobili, a brand created by the Battistella Company Group, has projected a cross-inspired vision of design into the furniture world.
The expression of craftsmanship and local know-how is combined with a desire to look ahead, imagining and anticipating future lifestyles. 

Novamobili is the sophisticated yet functional design brand by Battistella Company group, a company founded in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo, Treviso, in the heart of a district specialised in the manufacture of furniture and systems.
The sustainable and technologically inspired culture of the company has enriched its path, bringing out the quality and creativity of its proposals: the cooperation with Idea Campionari crosses this journey, outlining the image of Novamobili through all its most significant collections.

The elegance and comfort of a domestic style are the interpretative keys that Battistella Company has chosen for Novamobili.
The set of clean, expressive lines focuses attention on matter and its application in space, in order to interpret and design the style and needs of the people inhabiting each home.

From the living area to the bedroom furniture, up to the accessories, the Novamobili modular systems interpret the environments with extreme personality, supported by a design team that proposes tailor-made solutions.
Every element is studied in detail, to recall a minimal and at the same time eclectic style, with an urban appeal that is always relevant and ready for future trends.

High quality that balances contemporary living, technology that dialogues with a set of sustainable values. All this and more must be expressed by the selection of finishings and proposals by Novamobili, brought to life through the sample book.

Idea Campionari has accepted this challenge for years, in a spirit of initiative and collaboration, thanks to the relationship of trust established with the company.
The identity of Novamobili’s collections explores all the typical textures of furniture.

Packaged in an elegant, monochromatic black box, the sample collection accommodates an array of processes. Lacquered samples and woods are collected in special compartments, sorted and screen-printed, while leathers and fabrics of various kinds are identified thanks to the display folders.

A range expressed in detail through the efforts of Idea Campionari, providing all the creative flexibility to those who want to imagine their spaces with Novamobili.