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Thirty years of expertise, an accurate research that continues over time. Arbi Arredobagno represents a point of reference in Made in Italy design for bathrooms. This family-run company combines quality, tradition and attention in its 30-year-old history, a union that is deeply

Craft skills as an expression of imagination, in an attention to detail of bespoke quality. Armony Cucine is an established and outstanding company, specialised in kitchen design and a major player in the field for over 40 years.

A sense of material transformation, blending artisan know-how with technological industriality. Union is a major player in the manufacture of acrylics, eco-friendly surfaces and essential materials in the furniture sector.

Imagination and creativity, a language that communicates with the younger generations. Mistral is a brand of Homes Spa Group, a company that has been able to interpret the world of Italian furniture as a leading player.

The details and dynamism of everyday life, looking towards the future. Novamobili, a brand created by the Battistella Company Group, has projected a cross-inspired vision of design into the furniture world. The expression of craftsmanship and local know-how is combined with a

Twenty years of growth and innovation, between design philosophies. Orme is a brand by Homes Spa Group that has emerged as a leading player in the Italian furniture market.

Its continuity over time, the balance and harmonious elegance of white. Alf DaFrè is in all respects a brand that successfully characterises the furniture design industry, resiliently adapting to the market dynamics while preserving its territorial identity.

A playful dynamism, smooth in form and substance. Cappellini means contemporary, experimental design for home furnishing, with flexible and colourful creativity.

A continuous integration, searching for junctions and compositions.Sangiacomo's story is about a company that has been able to understand the passing of decades with success and creativity. The original solutions for home and contract interiors have projected this furniture manufacturer from

Handicraft innovation, between local traditions and an ethical identity. Midj is a company made of values and technical synergy, meeting Idea Campionari's flexibility.