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Union | Transforming Matter

Union | Transforming Matter

A sense of material transformation, blending artisan know-how with technological industriality.
Union is a major player in the manufacture of acrylics, eco-friendly surfaces and essential materials in the furniture sector.

The corporate spirit, dedicated to fulfilling the needs of architects, interior decorators, designers and companies, has translated into bringing its image, both digital and analogical, in tune with the brand’s evolution over the last few years. 
The partnership between Union and Idea Campionari was born as a result of this communicative reassessment, in order to create a sample book that can welcome the distinct character and prominent materiality of the company’s production.

Thirty years of expertise encounters the continuous desire to take on new challenges, in particular the one that ties the market to environmental sustainability

Union was founded in 1990 as a furniture subcontractor, yet right from the start it sought to understand the trends in the sector, and focused primarily on raw materials and solid surfaces. Since 2000, the company has bet on acrylic processings, with technological precision and aesthetic value. Thanks to this choice, the company has been able to carve out an outstanding position on the furniture scene, which brought Union to an important growth and to expand its production potential, supported by sophisticated equipment.

After 2010, the participation of the company to the “Corian Quality Network” and the beginning of Corian and Ecomalta processing made it possible to engage in new contaminations of furnishing solutions, also certifying the quality of materials.
The flexibility of Union’s design allows it to imagine the processing of the latest acrylics and eco-sustainable materials, allowing it to manage orders in large quantities, as well as customized elements: a real union between a high quality standard and the craftsmanship of every detail.

Material experience, confidence in a company that understands the territory and the market: there are several aspects that emerge from Union’s history and are reflected in its image choices.
The cooperation with Idea Campionari hooks these project inputs and grasps some fundamental characteristics of the corporate identity, in order to reshape the collection of samples and support the transformation of this reality over the years.

The sample book created together with Union starts from an assumption of color, namely red, that represents the company: a bold and lively shade, on which stands out a modern and versatile logo.
Inside, we find a neat and well-sorted selection of samples, gathered according to the core nature of the company and processed from hard materials, i.e. minerals and acrylic polymers as in the case of Corian, but also elements taken from Ecomalta panels.

As regards each type, we notice a multi-material effect in the processing range, with samples recalling cement or laminate surfaces; at the same time, the collection varies in thickness and cut, shown by swatches and folder displays.
An elegant and multi-potential sample collection, which embraces the transformation of materials by Union at 360° and accompanies its increasingly circular approach, with a decisive drive for research and originality.