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Mistral | Imagination & Creativity

Mistral | Imagination & Creativity

Imagination and creativity, a language that communicates with the younger generations
Mistral is a brand of Homes Spa Group, a company that has been able to interpret the world of Italian furniture as a leading player.
The desire to bring together design with furnishing solutions for children’s and young people’s rooms represents the additional value of this brand, a completely new path through material and colour.

The partnership between Idea Campionari and Homes has been strengthened over the last ten years, interpreting the visual identity of the group’s five brands, as we already explored for Orme. The sample book dedicated to Mistral expresses a careful and imaginative sense of design, between functional practicality and a strong aesthetic vocation.

Mistral was founded in 1987, focusing on bedroom sets for teenagers and kids and working on a research approach and composition versatility. With space-saving bedrooms, bridge layouts and compact storage solutions, the aim of all the brand’s collections is to allow each element to be inserted according to the life and growth needs of future generations.

The evolution of environments designed for the youngest includes a reflection on longevity and room transformation over time, encompassing sleeping needs as well as play and study activities for any age or gender. In this sense, Creativity is certainly Mistral’s key word, expressing the variety of colours and shapes possible, as well as compositional customisation.

The brand’s collections reflect the vision of Homes Spa Group, with craftsmanship values handed down through the generations to form a large industrial reality, which offers Italian quality on a large scale and continuously looks to the future.

From long-standing craftsmanship to creative imagination for generations to come: Mistral’s transition between the professionalism of the industrial group and the colourful identity of a bedroom can only be expressed through a sample book project that enhances all features.
Idea Campionari starts from the privileged knowledge of Homes’ collaborators, a relationship of trusting cooperation that conveys the ultimate sense of Mistral’s characteristic design.

The sample book for the brand ranges from a variety of processes, starting with careful design and a combination of colours for the packaging itself that dialogues with the aesthetic choices of Mistral spaces. 
The packing box combines a refined dove-grey colour with a white front flap, on which the brand logo stands out. Inside, folders and bundles are arranged by collection and material, according to specific planning criteria. The collections condensed in the box connect a rigid materiality, typical of melamines and woods, with the extensive collection of fabrics, a sampling that gives an important tactile perception of the materials privileged in the furniture, completed by the screen-printed coding application.

A mosaic of samples and creativity, an imaginative union of intentions between the desire to provide increasingly usable products for children and teenagers, with the aesthetic and formal care distinctive of Mistral and Idea Campionari.